The Gaming Industry


Jul 2020

Game subscriptions draw in millions, but will all developers get on board? – by George Jijiashvili

Subscriptions will not dominate video games in the same way as OTT video or music over the next five years, but subscriptions will nevertheless play..

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Jun 2020

<div>Amazon's first big-budget game Crucible saw a Low launch, but can a slow-burner succeed in a market of record-breaking peaks and multi-million-dollar influencer campaigns? – by Louise Shorthouse</div>

The decision not to seize upon the marketing capital and capacity of Amazon and Twitch means that the conversation around Crucible never really began. It..

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Jan 2020

Kickstarter and Games in 2019 – by Thomas Bidaux

The annual review of the performance of games projects on Kickstarter in the past 12 months. Powered by WPeMatico

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Sep 2019

Steam has a lack of data scientists – by Burak Tezateser

This post is about some obvious and some hidden long term mistakes Steam is making. As a commercial product, Steam has two goals: making profits..

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Jun 2019

Marketing an upcoming Steam game – by Burak Tezateser

This is a collection of guidelines for building a marketing plan of upcoming Steam Games. I am not an expert on this area but I..

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Nov 2017

<div>Xbox One X: A hands-on analysis of Microsoft's powerful new console – by Kris Graft</div>

Xbox One X, formerly known as the more astrologically-inclined Project Scorpio, is arriving on November 7 for $499, and Gamasutra got to spend some up-close..

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Jul 2017

The Nintendo Switch and the Long Game – by Russ Carroll

What has Nintendo learned from their 3DS game library about the Switch? Do they recognize the value of Switch as a mobile device, or are..

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Mar 2017

Media coverage analysis – Launch of the Nintendo Switch – by Thomas Bidaux

Switch launch and its media coverage. Can Nintendo recover from the Wii U total lack of media appeal? Powered by WPeMatico

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Jan 2017

Media coverage analysis – Nintendo Switch January event – by Thomas Bidaux

A look into the coverage of the Nintendo Switch event. Powered by WPeMatico

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Dec 2016

Blake Harris Looks Back on the 16 Bit Console Wars – by Bryan Cashman

Based on first-hand accounts, Console Wars’s Blake Harris discusses the difference between Sega and Nintendo, whether Michael Jackson’s music is in Sonic 3, and the..

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