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Aug 2020

Three nasty netcode bugs we fixed around Blightbound’s launch – by Joost van Dongen

Netcode bugs can be very hard to find, but they can also be quite intriguing once you’ve figured them out. This post discusses 3 of..

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Mar 2020

How we made particles twice as fast through cache optimisation – by Joost van Dongen

Cache optimisation is one of the most hardcore, low-level topics in game programming. In this post I explain the basic ideas, and show an example..

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Jun 2019

<div>Building a Pirate's Paradise: The AI of Sea of Thieves (Part 1) – by Tommy Thompson</div>

In this first of a four-part series, I explore the numerous AI systems running under the hood of Rare’s online pirate adventure game and the..

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Feb 2019

Aerodynamics of Just Cause 4 – by Jacques Kerner

This article delves into the techniques used to simulate aerodynamics and extreme weather events in Just Cause 4 Powered by WPeMatico

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Nov 2018

Movement Prediction – by Bartlomiej Waszak

The article is a deep dive into three different scenarios of movement prediction in game programming. Powered by WPeMatico

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Apr 2018

A Fully-Managed Game Analytics Pipeline  Рby Ben Weber

A simple, serverless, and scalable data pipeline for game analytics. Powered by WPeMatico

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Feb 2018

Fast 2D shadows in Unity using 1D shadow mapping – by Rob Ware

In this article I explain how I adapted a traditional technique from 3D rendering to achieve fast 2D shadows for a large number of light..

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Jan 2018

The limitations of matchmaking without server logic – by Joost van Dongen

Generic matchmaking systems on Steam/Playstation/Xbox make development easier, but limit how much control you have over matchmaking. This post discusses several approaches we tried in..

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Oct 2017

Working with generic room-based matchmaking – by Joost van Dongen

Most major platforms offer similar generic room-based matchmaking. In this post I explore how they work and discuss the pros and cons of using these..

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Jul 2017

Is Your Code Ready to Prevent the Nedelin Catastrophe? – by Bartlomiej Waszak

The article presents solutions how to write more reliable game code and avoid common mistakes in video game programming. Powered by WPeMatico

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