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Podcast 24: Using Video Games for Therapy
Feb 2017

Podcast 24: Using Video Games for Therapy

Games are good for more than just simple fun. Some psychologists and therapists are using them to help people as tools to introduce or enhance therapy. What they’ve found is that for a lot of people –especially kids and their families– games are not only inherently interesting and useful as an incentive to participate, but they create social situations that enhance the effectiveness of therapy. More so even than other kinds of games or activities.

In this episode I talk to the practitioners at Electronic Gaming Therapy, who are using video games as part of psychotherapy for kids and families. They explain why games are so uniquely useful in their line of work and share some success stories that should make you feel a little better about the world and the role that video games can play in it.

This episode’s guests left to right: Dr. Brian Moyer, Liz Messer, and Dr. Drew Messer

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