3D racing game using OpenGL, GLSL & C++

Aeroplane is a 3D racing game developed using C++, OpenGL and GLSL and Windows API.

The game objective is to collect as many diamonds as possible increasing your score, while you try to avoid obstacles.

Features of this project inlcude:

Procedural generation of track using Catmull Rom splines ,GLSL Shaders (Fog, Discard track texure), Advanced rendering techniques ( Render to Texture), Multiple camera locations and OpenGL lighting, Custom created 3D objects, VAO’s & VBO’s are displayed.

  • OpenGL v4.5
  • C++
  • GLSL
  • Windows API


Contact me for executable and source code


This game was a project for Computer Graphics module at Computer Games Technology MSc, City University of London, 2016.