Top-down survival shooter game in Unity3D.

The game takes place in a science fiction setting where a strange virus has turn the food into zombies (aka foombies). Dunkin donut products have survived from this virus and live inside the Dunkin Donut store. Foombies are trying to capture the store and eat all the products from the world of the living. Double-D, the main character of the game, is a donut whose mission is to defend the store and the rest of his family, the pure and delicious Dunkin Donut products.The foombies’ target is to capture the donut store. However, they will only do that after they kill you first. So the player’s actual objective is to survive.

This is a survival game where you can’t eventually win, you can only eventually lose. The gameplay focuses in fighting with enemies and scoring points.


Contact me for executable and source code

Tags: C#, Unity3D

This game was a project for Game Development Process module at Computer Games Technology MSc, City University of London, 2016.