First person game with VR gesture control using Leap Motion and TrinusVR

The aim of this project was to develop a first-person game in a Virtual Reality environment using hand gesture control. This permited an investigation into the effectiveness and realism of controlling a game character employing hand gesture recognition.

The hypothesis of this project is that integrating hand recognition as input device into a VR environment, instead of using physical controllers, can be effective, precise and intuitive, and that physical interaction with game elements can make for a more realistic gaming experience.

The game was developed in Unity3D v5.4. Leap Motion was used as the input instead of the regular input devices. VR was implemented using TrinusVR Android app along with the Trinus Plugin for Unity3D. The game environment was created in Unity and textured using Photoshop CS6 for advanced texturing.


  • C#
  • TrinusVR
  • Leap Motion Orion Beta
  • Photoshop CS6


Project report

Contact me for source code and executable

Computer Games Technology MSc 2016 Thesis project, City University London

Handy-capped published in City University London Gallery