Sidescrolling game using Microsoft XNA & C#

Spacetrip is a Sidescrolling 2D Game developed using Microsoft XNA v4.0 and C#. The development focuses on producing a fully functional game demonstrating sound architectual principles in seperating game code with the game engine whilst implementing design patterns and data driven architecture.


  • Resource management strategy using content mangers
  • Event driven architecture for game controls
  • Collision response and object removals
  • Frame-rate independent loop control
  • Data driven apporach (XML)
  • Scoring system demonstrating use of event listeners
  • High score table demonstarting use of serialization
  • NPC using Finite State Machine control


Contact me for executable and source code

Tags: C#, XNA v4.0, Game design, Sprite Animation

This game was a project for Computer Game Architectures module at Computer Games Technology MSc, City University of London, 2016.